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"Music and windsurf" virus merged into the extremely dangerous "liberty" virus. In todays world famous kite&windsurf capital Tarifa, in the very south of Spain, I ran a beach bar with 2 spanish girls and 2 german guys. At daytime it was quiet mousy, but after sunset the place mutated into an insider's tip for the nightlife scene of Marbella and even Malaga. I will be stuck with this virus for my whole lifetime....doesn't matter....good virus!!
In the second half of the spanish years another compatible virus called computer joined, in the early stages in form of an Atari Mega ST, since 1993 Macs. This all lead to a tiny MIDI/Recording Studio and Record Label with 4 major releases and a few maxis and vinyl. Nevertheless in terms of finances, it was more or less a catastrophe. In 1998 I pulled the plug on Studio&Co and DJ Kiwi resigned one year later after a last Tarifa summer.
But there is still the handcrafted part. Already during the winter seasons of the spanish years I worked on various shop and furniture designs, followed by various trade fair constructions.
Well, that's the way 54 years have passed by.....and in the present, on offer: coffee making computers with plenty of bass.....to be continued.

Unbelievable, but meanwhile I have reached , totally unexpected, the age of 54. Already in my childhood I always wanted to modify everything.

At the age of 18 it got serious for the first time, those days (! 1974 !) I "violated" my bike. The tank-seat combination and the full fairing where my own creations. I sold quiet a few all over Germany.

In 1978 I was infected by the virus "music". In the beginning as a DJ with my own mobile disco team, later on also as a DJ in different clubs of the region.

At the same time I discovered that needle and thread are also amazing, so I created some unique items, however without commercial ambitions.

The next 80's virus was the "windsurf" virus and of course I had to modify something. This time it was the dull unicolored wishbones. In sophisticated inlay work technique I produced an exclusive batch for surf-shops all over


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