iMac Coffee Edition
iMac A/V Edition
iMac RMS

• LED light-unit 12V with 3LEDs.

• The iMac turns into a decent background illumination in its particular color.

• ON/OFF switch on the iMac lateral board.


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Absolutely no manipulations of the unit.

The Mac mini switches on with the iMac front-button.

The ports of the lateral board of the iMac are connected

...to the corresponding ones of the Mac mini.

• Flawless IR signal detection.

• Only for Mac minis from 2005 - june 2010

Thanks to the HQ JBL Subwoofer the system provides an impressive sound.

• Perfect harmony between JBL Spot an iMac Speakers.

Main volume adjustable via touch control on the front panel of the iMac.

• Fits perfectly into the dome of the iMac.

more info JBL spot

• Painted in iMac color, compactly integrated into the handle recess.

• Compatible with all iPhones, iPod Touches and most iPods.

• Audio-out connected directly to the JBL Spot System.

• Devices charged by integrated power supply.

• The optionalBluetooth-Audio Dongle (right pic) transforms the system

...to a universal wireless Soundstation. Bluetooth 2.0 / A2DP / AVRCP.

• Output for AC devices up to 1000W (incl. ground wire)

• For example the Clatronic MS 3326 Milk frother.

• Milk frother painted in iMac color by request.

more info Clatronic MS 3326

• Hard Disk Option with ultra-compact SATA to USB 2.0 converter.

• Optical Drive Option with modified 5,25" slimline case USB 2.0.

• Compatible with 5,25" Slot-in DVD/Blu-Ray slimline drives.

• USB outputs on the rear panel (ex VGA-out).

• Additional power switches on the iMac lateral board.

• Integrated power supplies.

• Not possible in addition to the Mac mini option.